Harundo Beach

The Terrace


From Harundo mare our guests will find a splendid wooden terrace, sheltered from the sun and facing the splendid sea of the Gulf of Porto Palo in Menfi, for the 22nd consecutive year, it has been awarded the European blue flag. In the shelter of our terrace our guests can have a light lunch, an aperitif or a dinner at sunset, or organize an unforgettable event.

Terrazza Harundo giorno

The terrace during the day

Harundo mare, a cool terrace, sheltered from the sun, facing the sea and from which to admire the crystal clear sea and a splendid sunset

Terrazza harundo tramonto

The terrace at sunset

From our terrace it is possible to admire a splendid sunset by the sea every evening. The sun plunging into the sea, a purple sky and the Gulf of Portopalo at the bottom.