Our gazebos or sun umbrellas

A day to the beach

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An oasis by the sea.

Harundo mare, near Porto Palo di Menfi. Inside the Cipolazzo reserve, a splendid private terrace with access to the beach of very fine golden sand and facing a sea of crystal clear water, awarded for the twenty-sixth consecutive year with the Blue Flag by the European Foundation for the Safeguarding of Environment. A peaceful place, away from prying eyes, where you can rest and tan on our comfortable beds, have a fresh lunch, a tasty dinner or an aperitif in front of a splendid sunset.

The Cipollazzo reserve

Where does the name "Harundo" come from

The name Harundo and our logo derive from the Latin (“Arundo donax”) name of the stem plant, the common reed, which frames our terrace by the sea. The perfect communion between an uncontaminated landscape and a splendid restaurant by the sea. In the past, in the area called “Cipuddazzo” (Cipollazzo in Sicilian), these plants were used to repair previously existing vineyards from the wind coming from the sea.


At Harundo Mare it is possible to book gazebos equipped with elegant curtains or an umbrella station, both complete with comfortable, high quality, made in Italy sun loungers. All our stations have a sea view and a few steps from the beach. The conformation of the dunes guarantees complete privacy. From our kitchen, tasty dishes with local ingredients, accompanied by glasses of native wine.

Our beautiful sea

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The beach and the sea

A few steps from the Harundo terrace, fine golden sand, clear water, a comfortable sun bed, an umbrella ... what else to look for? Info...

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The aperitif and the events

Served on the terrace of Harundo, fresh dishes with ingredients of our land, accompanied by local wine or tasty cocktails Info...

La terrazza

The terrace

Harundo mare, a cool terrace, sheltered from the sun, facing the sea and from which to admire the crystal clear sea and a splendid sunset Info ...

An Enchanting Sunset

A breathtaking landscape

An aperitif, a dinner, live music, an event and shades of orange, purple, red in the sky. These are just some of the colors that can be admired from our terrace at sunset. come visit


Tasty dishes, local ingredients

Sitting in front of the sea, in absolute relaxation, surrounded by the reeds of Cipollazzo. The breeze and the scent of the sea enhance the flavors of our dishes. Whether it’s a light lunch, an appetizing aperitif or a tasty dinner, our kitchen is at your disposal. From our bar, fresh drinks, fruit juices and excellent cocktails.


Let yourself be tempted

From bruschetta and gourmet sandwiches, arancini, and salads, to the tuna steak. Enjoy our famous pinse. All our dishes are prepared with local ingredients and accompanied by wines from indigenous wineries such as Mandrarossa, Planeta, De Gregorio.


Lunches, dinners, catering

Important occasions deserve a special place to be celebrated. The only limit is your creativity. Organize an event at Harundo. A unique location by the sea, during the day or at sunset. An informal but elegant environment, suitable for birthdays, graduation parties, special occasions or evenings with live music.



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